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Colby Trow


32 year old owner of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. Colby and his brother Brian opened up the shop together in 2003. He started guiding and instructing in Virginia in 1999 and fishing almost every day of the year since 2003. When he is not fishing, he's at the vise tying flies for anything that swims. He started tying flies for local Virginia fly shops at age 13 and was featured at many fly fishing trade shows through his teen years. Although he is based in the Shenandoah Valley, Colby has always had salt in his blood. When he isn't hosting a trip in the Bahamas or Belize chasing bones, snappers, sharks, and cudas with a fly, he is out with his pal Captain Tommy Mattioli chasing stripers and big drum on the Chesapeake Bay.

Turn ons: Musky chasing big streamers, bug fishing for summer smallmouth, big spring creek sippers, mudding carp, tailing bones, working birds on the Bay, the Orvis Helios Rods, and his Renzetti Vise!

Turn offs: Lightning, otters, poachers, and LITTER!

Brian Trow


32 year old owner of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. Brian has been fly Fishing since he was 10 years old, he has the same disease his twin brother has...he must fish, ski, windsurf or he will die inside. When not tending to the shop and tying flies, he is on the water every day. He also hosts trips to the Bahamas and fishes all over the country when his schedule allows. Even if he only gets a few days off work you could expect him at the Chesapeake Bay chasing stripers or in New York hooking into 15 pound brown trout! Brian truely has a passion for BIG smallmouth and loves nothing more to have a client bring one up to a bug on the surface. Brian lives on the public stretch of Mossy Creek with his wife. He can literally cast to rising browns from his bedroom window!

Turn ons: calm days for floating, BIG smallmouth on bugs, sippers, looking out his window at Mossy Creek every morning!

Turn offs: Lightning, WIND, Hail, and when Colby drinks the last beer.

Shane Maybush


Shane has been a fishing freak since he was born! He has been guiding and instructing for us since 2004 and putting our clients on PIGS ever since. When he isn't on the water he's tying flies or buying musky tackle! Shane loves tying articulated streamers and HUGE musky flies. You will always find him experimenting with new innovative materials at the vise. He is one of our most popular guides with incredible patience and excellent instincts on what the fish are doing day to day. He literally fishes every day when he isn't guiding and helps to manage our private trophy trout fisheries. One of the nicest guides you'll ever meet, Shane will make sure you have an excellent time on the water.

Turn ons: Musky Slime, Rabbit Strip Divers, Sculpins, Sulphur hatches, Night Fishing, high stained water on Mossy.

Turn offs: This guy really doesn't dislike anything...we've never seen him mad, upset, or down. I guess if he or someone loses a musky, you could see him at his lowest point!

Bob Cramer

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Bob has been fly fishing since he was 8 years old. That was 48 years ago and he still loves it, especially sharing it with others. He believes that most folks not only want to catch fish on a guided trip, but also want to leave a better fisherman because they learned something that day. He started guiding in the Shenandoah Valley in the mid 80's when he owned Mossy Creek Outfitters, in Bridgewater, Va. He can't really say he has a favorite species to fish for, he just loves it all, brook trout to muskies and everything in between. They are all his favorite. Bob is also a very avid hunter. During the fall and winter he spends his time in the mid-west and the western states guiding and filming for the Outdoor Edge Knives TV show, The Love of the Hunt, on the sportsman channel.


Turn ons: Blue Grass Music, trophy smallmouth, large Mossy Creek brown trout, Rowing his monster raft, big musky, Drop Tine Bucks, and Gobblers!

Turn offs: Lightning, wind, and when we run out of tying materials

Jess Jarrett


Jess has been working in the shop and as a guide for Mossy Creek since August of '09. Born and raised in Martinsville, Virginia, he picked up a fly rod at the age of 12 fishing the Smith River tailrace and the mountain streams of Southwestern Virginia. Jess spent his college years at James Madison University studying and mastering the spring creeks and mountain streams that he guides on today.  On his days off, Jess loves chucking nasty articulated streamers in high and dirty water, and fooling technical tailwater trout with tiny midges.

Turn ons: When the new Drake Magazine arrives, landing 20+inch fish for his clients, checking out the newest fly fishing films, fresh new free shop gear.

Turn offs: Jess doesn't dislike much....but he is never excited about receiving a 30lb box of material from Wapsi to put on the shop wall! For those that don't know, 30lbs of fly tying material can take hours to price and put away....haha

Wayne Paxton


Wayne began fly fishing in college where he spent most of his time exploring the rivers and creeks in and around Rockingham and Augusta County. When he isn't teaching high school English and coaching cross country, you will find his friendly face behind the counter at the shop or on the water instructing or guiding. Wayne is one of our newest guides and his background in teaching gives him the patience of a saint! He is extremely passionate about fly fishing and is always looking forward to his next angling adventure.

Turn ons: Uncrowded water, wild browns and brookies, honky tonk bars, athletic women, and getting others psyched about fly fishing!

Turn offs: Dull hooks, stepping on his Helios rod, wind knots, negativity on the water, and high gas prices.

L.E. Rhodes


L.E. has his own guide service in Scottsville, Va where he spends his time chasing BIG James River Smallmouth. However, when he has time, he's out teaching fly casting lessons, stalking big brook trout or floating the big rivers with us. He is our favorite fishing buddy and has the best attitude of any guide in the Country. We are fortunate to be partnered with such a quality guy. LE is an incredible fisherman and fly tier. He currently ties all of our CK nymphs, one of the most productive nymphs we have ever used on our trout waters!

Turn ons: Cork poppers, candy, popper paint, rubber legs, being 1st at the boat landing, flat footing, and spotting a BIG smallmouth.

Turn offs: STORMS, LIGHTNING, and WIND!!! These are the only things that may get on his nerves!

Tom Sadler


Tom Sadler has been a professional guide and instructor for 16 years. He is an AFFTA board member and is very well connected in the fly fishing industry. He is a dedicated tenkara fly fisherman and Mossy Creek's exclusive tenkara guide. Tom's passion for tenkara was honed in Virginia's mountain streams where he chases native brook trout. He shares his extensive knowledge of tenkara on his blog His reputation as a tenkara devote makes him sought after as a guide and speaker. When he is not fishing, teaching or guiding he runs a conservation communications business, the Middle River Group, LLC and he is usually working to protect fish, fishing and fish habitat.

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