What can we say about Chuck Kraft's Clawdad? Well, to start with we believe it to be the best possible crayfish fly designed for river fishing. Chuck designed this fly years ago to imitate a jig-and-pig used with a baitcaster for big river smallmouth. It's no secret that anglers that fish for big smallmouth use a jig-and-pig, especially in the early season, to catch some of the biggest fish of the year. Chuck designed the Clawdad to swim and function just like the jigs he used on the river. The Clawdad, with its simple tail design, chenille body, rubber legs tied in the round, and dumbell eyes properly keeled, allow this fly to sink at the right speed, and hop along just like a crayfish if fished properly. Our clients have caught largemouth bass to 9 3/4 pounds and smallmouth over 4 pounds on the clawdad over the years. It is not only our go to fly in the early season, but also an incredible year round pattern for any water condition. It has also earned a reputation as a great redfish and black drum fly as well as a killer on big trout. We fish it with regularity on Mossy Creek for big brown trout. For fly fishing Virginia waters, we recommend fishing the size 2 for smallmouth bass or big brown trout. Try the size 6 on small mountain streams for brook trout or on the special regulation and Delayed Harvest waters for rainbows and browns. Chuck hit a home run with this pattern and we are happy and fortunate that we can now share it with the world! Give them a try if you have never tied one on before.  Click here if you are interested in getting your hands on the >>>>> CLAWDAD

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