Virginia Fly Fishing Reports and Conditions

11/21/14 Musky season is here folks. Time to get to work! Lets catch a few monsters like this before the cold weather really sets in!!

James and Shenandoah River

The James and Shenandoah have been running low and clear for the past few weeks. The smallmouth season is over for us and we are primarily targeting musky now through next spring. Give us a call to book a day on the water to catch a true trophy freshwater fish!

Mountain Brook Trout Streams

The brook trout streams have been fishing well when water levels are decent. The rains this week should help out water flows. We will be fishing for brookies over the next few weeks and then giving them a break through the winter. This is just a personal choice as we spend our time fishing for musky, spring creek trout, stripers, reds, and bonefish through the cold months. Remember, brook trout eggs are going to incubate for around 90 days! Watch where you step if you go wading in the mountain streams this winter!

Spring Creeks

Beaver Creek, Mossy Creek, South River, Buffalo Creek, Spring Run, and Smith Creek will all benefit from the rain this weekend. They have been low and clear but fishing well. Mossy and South have been stocked with thousands of fingerlings. The big boys are out chewing on them, so grab your big sticks and chuck some meat. Help us spread the word folks!!!! - GET YOUR MOSSY CREEK, BUFFALO CREEK, and SOUTH RIVER PERMITS ONLINE 24/7 FREE!!! CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK!!! BEAVER CREEK PERMITS HAVE CHANGED LOCATION! Store name: 257 Grocery Store location: 6939 Briery Branch Road, Dayton, VA. This store is located 2 miles from the Ottobine Country Store. If on 257 at the intersection at Ottobine, take a left and remain on Rt 257. Cross Beaver Creek and follow for just over 1 mile. 257 Grocery will be on your left. This store opens at 5AM on weekdays and 6AM on Saturdays. They have the 4 permits for $10 like before. They are a great family owned store. Buy breakfast or lunch and we can be sure the permits will have a permanent home! Thanks for everyone's patience through this short transition. And thanks to 257 Grocery for taking management of the permits!

Managed Trout Water

Sugar Hollow Reservoir, The Pedlar, Sherando, South River Waynesboro, Bullpasture, Back Creek, Jackson, Robinson, Tye, Hawksbill, and Passage Creek have all been stocked. Grab your favorite attractor flies, split shot, stike indicators, and go have some fun this fall! Keep an eye on the VDGIF website for updates.

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The winter season is around the corner and we are loaded with the biggest line of waders, boots, and foul weather gear! Our fly tying selection is growing by the week. Our guide service is running full tilt and anglers are catching fish every day. Stop by and see us.

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