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Where did all of the water come from?

If you are like the guides here at Mossy Creek you are always watching the weather and the stream levels.  A big part of our success guiding and leisure fishing revolves around stream flow.  The early fall is typically one of the driest times of the year here in the Shenandoah Valley.  Unless we get a tropical system, or have an unusually wet summer, water levels usually bottom out in September.  Not to worry, the water will return.

It has been said that the average deciduous tree drinks 3 to 4 hundred gallons of water a day.  The forested mountains that flank the valley act like a giant sponge, sucking up the ground water.  By mid-October the leaves are changing color and by late October they are falling.  All of the seasonal vegetation dries up and dies back.  This means less transpiration, and more water left in the ground. The October sun is lower in the sky, the nights are longer, and the days are shorter.   This means less direct evaporation of water.  Additionally, human activity changes and less water is used for gardens and yards, and farmers are done pumping and irrigating.

Fishing with leaves on the water can be a pain, but all of those leaves jam between the rocks and really help to dam up those nice trout pools we love to fish.  An added 2 to 3 inches of depth can make all the difference for a feeding, or more importantly spawning Brook Trout. All of these factors lead to the ground water level rising, and streams flowing better.  Even without rain, water levels always rebound in late October and early November.

Fortunately this year we have had above average rainfall.  Let's put that water in the bank and save some for next summer.

Here is a quick link to watch the seasonal change of groundwater in the Valley.


Happy Fishing!

Brian Trow

Fan Mail: Thanks for Guiding Us!

Last week we received a very special thank you note from a client.

"Just wanted to write to say thank you to Jess and the fine folk at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing for such an incredible day of fishing. My brother and I were both celebrating our birthdays which are close, and we won't soon forget the dozens of big 'bows we caught on [withheld by request] and our very first trip to Mossy.

I put up a couple blog posts on our trip on my blog, deadbait, along with pictures. We decided not to name [withheld by request] and just refer to it as Farm Creek out of respect for [withheld by request] privacy. We're looking forward to fishing with you all again this winter.

All the best,


Read Joel's post's Birthday on the Fly Part 1 and Birthday on the Fly Part 2. We think they are excellent!

If you want a chance to fish the "Farm Creek," give the shop a call, 540-434-2444!

Private Water Opportunities

Private fishing water is a controversial topic these days, especially with the ongoing Jackson River Lawsuit.

We believe the policy of every responsible fly shop is to help maintain open public water and continue to look for opportunities to open new water to the public. We work very closely with VDGIF, Trout Unlimited, and local landowners to try to open new water for everyone to enjoy.

However, many landowners are reluctant to open their land to the general public. Every stretch of water our shop manages has never been open public water and none of it is deemed navigable. We have very strong relationships with our local landowners and employ best management practices on their lands to exclude cattle, improve stream quality, and manage quality fisheries.

Our shop now manages nearly nine miles of water and we are very proud to offer some of the best trout fishing in the State right here in the Shenandoah Valley. Most of our water is available for guided trips only.

What sets our shop apart from others as we do not charge additional rod fees or access fees to fish our guided private waters. Rod fees are only necessary to book and fish Susie Q Farm, an unguided fly fishing only, catch and release only stream.

We currently manage two private stretches of Mossy Creek, three stretches of Beaver Creek, one stretch of Spring Creek, one stretch of Smith Creek, Stoney Creek at Wintergreen Resort, and parts of North River.

We are also working to expand fishing opportunities at a new spring pond for our fly fishing schools as well as potentially a new stretch of Spring Creek and Mossy Creek!

As always we offer our clients the best possible fishing experience while responsibly enhancing the fishing opportunities in our area.and water