Fishing in Hunting Season

Hunters all over the Commonwealth are headed into the woods for the fall hunting season and many fisherman and fly fisherman love to hunt.  That is one reason why I love fishing during the hunting season.  The streams are far less crowded this time of year and as we head into rifle season there will be even less pressure on the trout streams.

It is important if you fish this time of year to be aware of hunters.  Many fly fisherman are aware that wearing bright colors can spook fish, especially on small clear mountain streams.

This is the one time of year that you should break those rules and put on the orange hats. This is even more important if you have a long hike to the stream through the woods.  I always say if the trout can tell you what color hat you are wearing you are too close to begin with.

Fishing in the National Forest is where you will encounter the most hunters. Streams like the Jackson, the Bullpasture, and North River delayed harvest section are places where you will want to wear a lot of orange.  If you fish on private land then contact the owner and ask if there is any hunting allowed where you will be fishing.

If you would like to avoid hunters all together then look to fish in protected areas like the National Park.  If you are unfamiliar with Virginia's hunting season, check it out on the VDGIFs website.

Happy fishing,
Brian Trow

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